Thursday, November 13, 2008

Woohoo: Updates on the Intervention

1st Update: Minority Congressman considers Our Intervention Second Complaint


"Congressman Matias Defensor, chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments says that the recent filing of the MOA-AD Intervention should be considered as not an intervention, but rather as a new and separate complaint."

Awww... I'm glad someone can read and has enough balls to admit that he can read >.<

"Sources in the House says, Congressmen will kill the impeachment within one or two weeks.

Surprisingly, minority Congressmen Teddy Casino and Satur Ocampo thinks that way too."

Chicken sh*ts. Oh but wait, they've actually come up with an excuse! O.O

They support what De Venecia (ZTE) filed but because of their party position “so as not to antagonize solidarity ties with the Bangsamoro People”, they elect to keep their silence on the MOA-AD filing. Meaning, they will probably not support the intervention since they are supportive of the MOA.

Ok, so I don't really understand where they're coming from. In order to fully appreciate this statement, I googled what antagonize meant.

To incur the dislike of; provoke hostility or enmity in: antagonized her officemates with her rude behavior.

Uhm, they don't want to support the MOA-AD addition to the "listahan ng utang" because they can't afford for our Bangsamoro brothers to have a fit? This is when the MOA-AD was precisely filed inorder to hold Gloria's actions accountable for the mishap of an otherwise sound proposition.

I've great sympathy for our Bangsamoro peeps. The same way as I feel for the situation of the smokers in campus. The University of the Philippines has recently imposed anti-smoking laws banning smoking inside the campus. What the hell! You cannot dictate how we live our lives. It is our right to smoke no matter how bad the cigarette packs say they are. Smoking is not a vice, it's a way of life. The same way we cannot impose our own Christian laws on our Bangsamoro brothers/sisters. They want to live in a certain way and they have the right to do so. To each his own. Their "autonomy" does not extend into reality. The very reason that they are in a fritz is because they feel hampered by their inablity to move and live in they way that they want to. So cut them some slack. Oh but it's too late for that. Some other time maybe?

***Data on "autonomy" is a reaction from the Bangsamoro expert and political anthropologist, Arnold Molina Azurin.

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