Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacquiao WINS!!! YAY!!!

First off, I would like to apologize to my readers for my very very long absence. My excuse:
1) SICKNESS - cold winds from China has descended on my idyllic plateau. Of course, my shack stands no chance against the chills making me shiver under my poor excuse for a blanket. I've been awfully sick these past weeks.
2) ANDREA COMES HOME - **spotted** Andrea J. was spotted at the arrival area of the domestic airport totting her signature North Face pack. Is she home for good?
3) TONG-ITS TOURNAMENT - Oh yeah! My Ultra-exclusive Tong-Its Club launched our first ever charity event, Tong-Its Tournament where finest gin bulag can be had for free! I love charity!


Pacquiao wins... like duh

We all love underdogs. Although it was a stretch for me to see Pacman as an underdog, the portrayal was marketed well in that, as Ding said "The betting odds in Las Vegas were tipped against him as Manny Pacquiao strode up the ring today..." Knowing many boxing aficionados' insider reports (a shout out to Mang Nestor for his illuminating drunken commentaries), I was under the impression that there was no way that dela Hoya stood a chance against Pacman. As I was watching the match, in the comfort of my mother's house, I had the impression that boxing has started to look a lot like wrestling, in that sports is a series of staged events and nothing of it is real. Just like elections are staged series of events. and nothing of it is real. It's a reality show pretending that it's more than that. I would rather watch The Amazing Race Asia. Papa Alan!!!

For a blogger review of the match from a boxing aficionado, let me refer you to Rafael Roman Martel's blog.


Eyeball!!! And not the "Saw" kind...

I dragged my ass out of my plateau for a dinner with other bloggers (coz my boss said so and my boss has dibs on my ass). Pat, my boss, arranged for us all to meet at *gasp* a posh coffee shop with relatively good coffee. The place made me crave for the usual kopiko sachet but the "barrista" said that they didn't have any of that O.o

"Ma'am, we don't offer instant coffee," said cute barrista blushing, "why don't you try (insert coffe type)?" "Erm, I'm unfamiliar with those types of coffee," scratches head. "Can't I just have one with cream and sugar?" "Well, we have blah blah coffee with an blah aroma and blah flavor... blah blah... We also have latte..." "Hang on, buddy. I just want plain coffee with a bit of sugar and cream!"

So went the very painful conversation... in the end, he picked a coffee for me which costs the same amount as my neighbor's (family of five) meal allowance for the day. But wait, there's more! It got even posh-ier as the night dragged on. We went to *gasp* Glorietta 5 to dine at "Padre Damaso". The cuisine is modern Filipino dishes. What? You mean, canton toppings? With or without egg? Apparently not. Manolo made us eat ostrich meat in olive oil and tomato with hard bread (I wish our pandesal was this filling, oh well). It tasted ok, but olive oil and I don't like each other. The company was good though and I enjoyed the evening. The Filipino Voices writers are rather amusing.

You see, FV fancy themselves as prime movers of Philippine politics having influence in the blogger community. They come out of the promist that information/knowledge is POWER. I cannot say that this is untrue as I cannot be bothered to check this out. There should be truth in this at least. Suffice to say that what I see so far are buddies who congregate for a common purpose (good times? politics?). The best they've done so far is the impeachment thing (see first entry) strengthening their belief that bloggers have power. And who knows, maybe it's true. And if it is... wow... feel the POWER!



I've not always been Immie of the Diliman Plateau who holds court at the sari-sari store/social hub. There was one time where I held court in nondescript talyer in Pasig where some of my biker buddies let the rush hour pass till they can have their streets back. One of these said friends, Braxton got a text from LL who got a text from one of her ex-girlfriends whose cousin happens to be flyin to some province the same day that, supposedly, Andrea's plane touched the tarmac at its final descent. Braxton, good man, texted me saying that my sister has come home.

Oh wait, hang on! What!? My sister left? I thought she was buried under her teaching duties in Ateneo so she couldn't keep in touch. But apparently, she retreated to Bacolod after one semester for reasons unknown to me, momma and my exiled sister. She just... left. Like her non-biological family didn't even exist. She's done this before, of course but shame on us for leting her do it again. Although she's my favorite sister, my idol, my anchor, my savior, and I love her to death, admittedly, she can be very... unpredictable.

Granted that she's left, she has supposedly come back. And she has a LOT of explaining to do! Of course, as do I. So for the last three weeks, I've cleared my schedule just in case my sister texts and tells me to meet her. Honestly, I would have met her anywhere at any time.

My sister has not returned my texts. Although many believe the reports that she is in Manila, nobody has seen her since she left the airport.

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